Nashville Urban Partnership academic Center of Excellence

The Nashville Urban Partnership Academic Center of Excellence was created in 2006 to unite community centers, institutions of higher education, K-12 schools, the faith community, the business community, government offices, and other parties seeking to reduce violence among youth in Nashville, Tennessee. Meharry Medical College brings to the partnership science and structured research so that members of the coalition may make informed decisions about strategy.

In its formative years, the group chose three goals:

1. Increase the number of safe places for youth in Nashville.

2. Increase mentoring activities by caring adults.

3. Increase job training and employment opportunities for Nashville youth.

There are now more than 400 members in NUPACE's advisory group (Nashville Community Coalition for Youth Safety), and much has been accomplished on behalf of young people in Nashville, namely job fairs, a FaceBook page, GIS mapping of safe places, and much more.