The three objectives of the RCMI parent grant are: 1) recruitment and professional development, 2) pilot projects, and 3) core facilities.

In additional to recruiting top researchers to minority institutions, RCMI promotes professional development through the Clinical Research Education and Career Development program. The CRECD program at Meharry teaches the skills of clinical investigation and supports faculty seeking their Master of Science in Clinical Investigation degree in the School of Graduate Studies and Research. Read more about the master's program here. If you are a faculty member at Meharry, contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research to be considered for funding within the CRECD program for your M.S.C.I. degree.

Pilot research projects are administered by the Meharry Translational Research Center (MeTRC), which selects projects aligned with the College's mission and the objectives of the RCMI program. Because its overarching theme is translational research, MeTRC projects show promise for real-time application by the medical community. Read more about projects currently supported by RCMI and MeTRC.

The RCMI Program supports three core facilities used by investigators in their research activities. Click on the following to learn more: Molecular Biology Core, Tissue Acquisition Core, Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and BL-3 Core.