Clinical Research

Are you a researcher wishing to collaborate with Meharry on a scientific question? Are you a member of the general public interested in clinical trials, having lost a family member to breast cancer? ‘Clinical research’ requires both the concerned citizen and the scientific investigator working together. You may have also heard the term ‘translational research’—translating research from the lab to drugs/treatments for the public at large. For example, discovering the link between HIV and cholesterol in the laboratory led to a cholesterol-killing ‘condom’ that women can use to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS. Clinical research is the strategic analysis of the condom’s effectiveness among volunteer subjects.*  

To the general public, Meharry says consider registering as a research volunteer in the Participant and Clinical Interactions Resource office. You may also want to register at, where you can learn about studies taking place at other institutions as well.

To researchers, particularly Meharry’s investigators, the College says welcome. Explore the PCIR and core facilities (as well as services available to you through the Grants Management Office and Office for Grants Development). Meharry’s Board of Trustees is committed to growing the services available to the College’s researchers. As this growth takes place, what Meharry lacks in size it more than makes up for in personal attention. Your contribution to the research community at Meharry is valued.

*Dr. James Hildreth, former director of the Center for AIDS Health Disparities Research at Meharry, made the landmark discovery of HIV’s interaction with cholesterol while at Johns Hopkins in 2001. He is now dean of the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences and adjunct professor for Meharry Medical College.