About Meharry

Core Facilities

The goal of our core facilities at Meharry Medical College is to provide state of the art technology, advanced expertise, and teaching of technologies to our faculty and their research staff and trainees. We offer a variety of facilities to support research from bench to bedside to community.

The BSL-3/FACS Core provides a safe and appropriate environment for the investigation of infectious agents such as HIV on the Meharry Medical College campus. The FACS Corexx provides a state-of-the-art multi-parameter flow cytometry and cell sorting facility. The facility performs sorting, provides expertise in implementing and developing technologies for cell analysis, and trains investigators in the use of the instrumentation and the interpretation of data analysis. For contact information and equipment details, click here.

The Human Tissue Acquisition and Pathology Core (human tumor acquisition, histology, and immunohistochemistry) establishes human tissue procurement at Meharry Medical College/Nashville General Hospital to enhance translational research efforts at Meharry and increase the collection of tissues form African Americans and other minority groups. Read more.

The Meharry Microarray and Bioinformatics Core (MMBC) provides state of the art training, instrumentation, services, and bioinformatics-driven data analysis to the Meharry community in microarray experimental design, manipulation, and gene expression analysis. MMBC also validates microarray results using RNA QA/QC and real time PCR results and provides high performance computation in proteomics as well as genomics, as well as gene and protein pathways analysis and shotgun proteomics (mass spectrometry) analysis. Read more.

The Endocrine Core is a fully accredited, CLIA approved, endocrine testing facility funded by the Meharry Medical College Clinical Research Center, U54 Reproductive Health Grants, and institutional resources. The Endocrine Core Lab performs a comprehensive list of routine and specialized endocrine tests on blood samples for government funded investigators. A full staff of board certified clinical endocrinologists and clinical scientists are available for consultation and interpretation of test results. Read more.

The Molecular Biology Core at Meharry Medical College is a multi-functional facility that provides to faculty, students, and staff the primary service of DNA sequencing but also provides access to shared equipment housed in a centralized location and facilitates convenient and rapid access to frequently used molecular biological reagents. Read more.

The Fluorescence Microscopy Morphology Core offers fluorescence and bright-field microscopy and immunohistochemistry to investigators at Meharry. Read more

The Participant and Clinical Interactions Resource (PCIR) is a joint effort of multiple agencies designed to cultivate researchers' expertise as clinical investigators by providing the resources ordinarily not available to them for designing, building, and conducting clinical studies. PCIR has a full, specially skilled, nursing staff, and laboratory equipment. Read more

The Meharry Proteomics Core aids investigators and trainees with high performance computation in proteomics, as well as other "omics" type applications needing efficient analysis of large-scale biological data sets. The ability to incorporate proteomics into translational and clinical biomedical research is critical for the discovery of therapeutic interventions and high fidelity biomarkers of disease and response to therapy. The Core provides state-of-the-art services, training, and bioinformatics-driven data analysis to the Meharry translational research community. Read more.