Meharry Flourescence Microscopy Core

Microscopy morphology core

The Fluorescence Microscopy Morphology Core offers fluorescence and bright-field microscopy and immunohistochemistry to investigators at Meharry. Core staff also offer consultation on instrumentation and experimental design, training on instrumentation, and collaboration opportunities. We do our utmost to stay on the cutting edge of technology, skills, and knowledge in the field.

Resources are available to do immunostaining of cells and fixed tissue*.  The researcher is responsible for providing the primary and secondary antibody. The Core also houses state-of-the-art microscopes capable of handling the diverse imaging needs of its users, including wide-field, confocal, and bright-field fluorescence, calcium ratio imaging, and stereology.

NOTE: *If tissue sectioning is needed, frozen and paraffin sections can be prepared in the Tissue Acquisition Core

Meharry researchers are invited to attend the Core’s “Morphology Monday Clinics,” which discuss topics related to immunohisto- and immunocytochemistry and microscopy.  The hour-long meetings take place at noon every other Monday in the Office for Research Conference Room (2011 WBS).  Lunch is provided to attendees with RSVP three days prior to the meeting.  Recurring topics are…

  • Immunolabeling techniques.
  • What is fluorescence?
  • How to collect quantitative data and analyze it.
  • Proper techniques to collect high quality, multi-labeled fluorescence data.
  • How to collect live-cell images with the confocal microscope.
  • How to conduct calcium imaging experiments.
  • Quantitative live-cell techniques.
  • How to do stereology properly.