Meharry Microarray and
Bioinformatics core (MMBC)

The Meharry Microarray Bioinformatics Core was established in order to provide computer resources, support, and training to Meharry’s basic and biomedical research community.  Our goal is to ensure that scientists across the College are able to effectively exploit existing and emerging computational technologies, especially related to genomics scale data-sets.  

MMBC personnel provide consulting to enable investigators to frame research questions in genomics terms and identify bioinformatics solutions to those questions. Core personnel are then available to facilitate these solutions, which may involve developing databases and software tools as well as providing training and support in the use of these tools.

Grant preparation
MMBC personnel enable grant submission by helping to identify genomic and bioinformatics approaches to investigators’ research problems, framing the questions in genomics terms and providing letters of support that indicate sufficient expertise and tools exist to successfully complete the research indicated.

Data analysis
Whenever possible, data analysis is approached as a training opportunity.  However, there are times when this is undesirable either due to the complexity of the data (and analysis options) or the wishes of the investigator.  In these instances, we do perform data analysis but request the participation of the investigator (particularly in the case of microarray data), as an appropriate analysis requires a fundamental understanding of the biology and experiment that can be supplied only by the person who has done the work.

Identify and make resources available
As bioinformatics/genomics needs arise in the research community at MMBC or in individual laboratories, Core personnel will help identify and make available resources that address these needs. We also train persons to use these resources effectively.

Education and training
Core personnel provide training primarily in one-on-one or small group (from a specific lab, for example) settings as this has been determined empirically to be the most effective. We also provide monthly workshops for specific bioinformatics packages or approaches to larger groups as needs are identified that can be addressed in this format.  Talks have been and continue to be presented to departments (and faculty meetings) to inform investigators of the value of bioinformatics to their research and the services that are provided by the Bioinformatics Facility.

Other us!
We are always happy to discuss science and in particular genomic approaches to research questions!!  We can help with many things not outlined on this page but we can't tell you unless you ask. If we are unable to help you with your specific problem, we can usually refer you to someone who can.