DNA Sequencing and fees

The DNA Sequencing Core provides accurate, long read, and fast turnaround DNA sequencing service. Samples are processed using BigDye terminator chemistry, and sequences are generated by an ABI 3100 Avant Genetic Analyzer, a high through-put capillary sequencer that generates high quality DNA sequence data with consistently long reads, typically 600-800 bases. The ABI 3100 is a capillary electrophoresis DNA sequence system with four capillaries. The instrument is fully automated from sample loading to data analysis. The DNA Sequencing Core is located in Room 4008 of the Harold D. West Basic Sciences Building. (For more information about the sequencer, view the manufacturer's specifications.

In most cases, sequence data are available in 1-2 business days. Template quality is crucial in automated DNA sequencing to yield unambiguous data and a minimum turn-around time.  It is suggested that DNA samples for sequencing are quantified spectrophotometrically and/or photographed to verify purity and concentration by investigators prior to submission.  Contact Core staff for a DNA sequencing submission form and submit it with detailed sample information.

Sequence data obtained are submitted electronically back to users for analysis. Most plasmids have sites for universal primers, such as M13 (forward and reverse), T7, T3, and SP6, which the Core keeps on-hand in the facility.  Investigators using custom primers must submit primers together with the template DNA.  Purified PCR products are sequenced directly without sub-cloning. Usually, investigators submit custom primers with the PCR templates.  To reduce the cost for researchers that need to sequence hundreds of samples, for example in screening projects, the Core offers a Load-Only option.  The researcher is responsible for generating the sequencing reaction and the facility provides the sequence results back to the researcher.

DNA Sequencing Core Fees
DNA Sequencing $10/ reaction
Load Only $5/ sample