Shared Equipment and fees

 The Molecular Biology Core at Meharry provides training and technical assistance with the use of shared equipment housed in the Core and provides convenient access to molecular biological reagents. Training in the proper use of equipment is provided by the Laboratory Coordinator and also as needed by vendor technical personnel. The core maintains in-house freezers and supply cabinets stocked with many commonly used molecular biological reagents from Invitrogen. In-house reagents are ordered online from Invitrogen and picked up from stocks housed in the Core. Invitrogen items not stocked in the Core can be ordered online without shipping charges. In addition, the facility orders reagents and supplies from the Molecular Cell Biology Resource Core at Vanderbilt University. Items are selected from the online core catalog, and a Vanderbilt core ordering form listing the selected items is submitted to the Molecular Biology Core for processing.

Microbiology Core
Shared Equipment Usage Fees
Service Each Annually
Real-time PCR $35  
Bioanalyzer $45  
Scintillation counter $5 $300
Imaging densitometer $2 $100
Ultracentrifuge $20 $250
PCR $2 $200
Gamma counter $5 $300
Nano-Drop Spectrophotometer $1 $100
UVP bioimager $.50 $100
Micro-ultracentifuge $20 $200