Participant & Clinical Interactions RESOURCE (PCIR)

We in the Participant and Clinical Interactions Resource (PCIR) office support translational, community-based, and multi-center research projects. We execute your data collection for you, the investigator—but we do much more.

  • We review your studies and advise you on their feasibility.

  • We help you design and construct studies.

  • We execute your studies, drawing and processing biological samples—and collecting the necessary regulatory documents.

  • We provide you a CITI-trained nursing staff who meet regularly to discuss your protocol.

  • We offer monthly training on developments in the field of translational research.

The purpose of the PCIR is to provide the resources necessary to facilitate clinical research in a minority academic setting by expanding existing programs, nurturing new investigators, and encouraging full utilization of its services. Yes, we can conduct your study—but we are here to cultivate your scientific skill set and ensure you are on the road to independent research.

The Participant and Clinical Interactions Resources (PCIR) office at Meharry Medical College is a joint project of:

  • Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS)
  • The General Clinical Research Centers (GCRC) Program of the NIH’s Division of Research Resources
  • The Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Program of the National Center for Research Resources.