Neuroscience and Pharmacology

The following programs/research are currently under way in the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology in the School of Medicine at Meharry Medical College.

Educational and research interventions for the nuclear regulatory commission
Researcher: Clivel Charlton, Ph.D.
Funding Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Project Summary: The ultimate goal of activities conducted under this activity seek to establish scientific research programs with Y12 National Security Complex scientists to better understand the consequences of nuclear fallout disposition to the developing central nervous system and subsequent effects on cognitive processes in vulnerable military populations. Activities under this award will also serve to provide a customized pipeline for minority biomedical scientist and occupational and environmental medicine positions at Y12, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and other national security complexes.

Control of nociception in the spinal cord 
Researcher: Sukhbir S. Mokha, Ph.D.
Funding Source
: National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Project Summary: The goal this research is to understand biological mechanisms that make women more vulnerable to the development of pain syndromes and enhance our understanding of the sex-related differences in the regulation of pain throughout the life span. This will lead to better pain treatment strategies.