Office of External Affairs &
Business Development

Through the Office of External Affairs & Business Development (OEABD), Meharry Medical College contributes to the community and society through education, public policy, and outreach. We facilitate and coordinate the use of university resources to support existing university/community partnerships and engage new partnerships that contribute to the educational, health, social, and economic progress of the community, region, and state.

The OEABD is comprised of four divisions:

Federal Governmental Affairs Division
Serves as College's liaison with the Congress and Federal government departments and agencies; responsible for developing and maintaining an effective working relationship with the Senate; the House of Representatives; Congressional committees and Committee staff; and Federal government departments/agencies.

State & Regional Affairs
Serves as College's liaison with state and local governments.

Collectively, we fulfill Meharry's mission by proactively building and maintaining relationships between neighboring communities; local, state, and federal officials; civic, corporate and community organizations; alumni and internal constituents. 

Our pursuit of these relationships, along with many innovative and strategic initiatives, is part of the reason Meharry Medical College is often recognized as a leading, urban-based research institution and a place where issues affecting all of these constituents are addressed and resolved effectively. And the relationships are mutually beneficial, as Meharrians are kept abreast of local news, events, and services, and offers a vehicle to get them involved. Each year, faculty, students, and staff give more than 1,000 hours of community service across the state, whether individually or through over 40 campus organizations

Public & Community Affairs
Serves as the liaison with the public and with Community, community, and public interest groups. The Division also disseminates general information to the public and Community's regarding the College's activities, initiatives and policy directions.

Administration & Operations Staff
Provides and coordinates administrative, personnel, and management support services; prepares special ad hoc studies, analyses and/or reports as required; and provides advisory and implementation support in the development of policy and procedures encompassing any of the OEA program responsibilities.

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