The Guardians of Our Legacy

The Guardians of Our Legacy are a group of loyal and generous alumni who have taken it upon themselves to champion the support of their alma mater, Meharry Medical College, to protect its legacy while helping to provide for its future.

These exceptional benefactors have provided substantial sums of money, $100,000 or more, and time, often at great sacrifice, to ensure the stability and future of the nation’s largest, independent, private historically black academic health sciences center. 

Guardians are members of the Royal Society, named in honor of Frank S. Royal Sr. M.D. ’68, the first alumnus and African American to chair the Meharry Board of Trustees and one of the first to contribute $100,000 or more to the College.

The Guardians are:

Samuel P. Adams, M.D. ’49
Nelson L. Adams III, M.D. ’78
Hastings K. Banda, M.D. ’37*
Terry S. Baul, M.D. ’78
Theodore E. Bolden, D.D.S. ’47
James W. Bridges, M.D. ’60
James O. Brookins II, M.D. ’80
Richard C. Caesar, D.D.S. ’51*
David D. Chube Sr., M.D. ’55
Wendell F. Cox, D.D.S. ’44*
James M. Crawford, M.D. ’71*
William A. Davison, M.D. ’72
Mable W. Densler, R.N. ’62
James F. Densler, M.D. ’61
Samuel G. Eubanks Jr., M.D. ’68*
Lorenzo Ferguson, M.D. ’77
Ross E. Gardner, M.D. ’76
Darnley J. Goodridge, M.D. ’52*
George C. Hale Sr., M.D. ’56
Robert E. Hanson, M.D. ’67
Lewis Hargett, M.D. ’87
Herbert C. Harris, D.D.S. ’59
George C. Hill, M.D. ’58*
Edward R. Hills, M.D. ’66
Tipkins Hood, M.D. ’63*
Franklin R. Jackson, M.D. ’60*
Robert L. Jackson, M.D. ’78
William M. Jenkins Jr., M.D. ’57*
Alfonso P. Johnson Sr., M.D. ’51*
Shedrick D. Jones, D.D.S. ’56
Henry Lucas Jr., D.D.S. ’60*
Thomas N. Malone, M.D. ’69
Edgar O. Mandeville, M.D. ’67
Warren F. Melamed, D.D.S. ’72
Robert E. Mines Jr., M.D. ’60
Theodore Morgan Sr., M.D. ’79
Henry A. Moses, Ph.D.
Fred D. Parrott, M.D. ’58
Randle E. Pollard, M.D. ’51
James L. Potts, M.D. ’67
Edward W. Reed, M.D. ’55*
Paul M. Rice, M.D. ’83
Walter J. Riley, M.D. ’64
James W. Robinson, M.D. ’60
Thomas H. Ross, M.D. ’73
David E. Ross Jr, M.D. ’55
Frank S. Royal Sr., M.D. ’68
Jimmy B. Sheats, D.D.S. ’74
Dazelle D. Simpson, M.D. ’50
Isaac Slaughter, M.D. ’58*
Charles T. Smith, D.D.S. ’75
Edith F. Smith-Rayford, M.D. ’88
Clinton E. Warner, M.D. ’51*
Samuel W. Williams, M.D. ’64
Frank L. Williams III, M.D. ’60
June D. Williams-Colman, M.D. ’93
Artmas L. Worthy, D.D.S. ’75