Remote Access to the Meharry Digital Library

To have remote access to all available digital resources in the Meharry Digital Library, you must obtain a valid Meharry Computer Account.

Meharry Computer Accounts are issued to individuals who have a direct faculty, student, or work role with Meharry. The licenses for our electronic library resources restrict use to such individuals. Others may use the resources only if they are physically on the campus.

If an individual from such a group has a working relationship with Meharry, they may consult with the department they are working with to request a Computer Account from the Office of Information Technology for the duration of their work relationship.

Remote Access Instructions

  1. Be sure to login with your Meharry Computer ID to get access to MMC Digital Library paid subscription resources.
  2. Click on the link Log in with MMC Computer Account above and to the left of "A B C D ... Z" on Digital Library Home Page.