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Academic Departments

The School of Dentistry offers a four-year pre-doctoral program in general dentistry, which is designed to prepare the matriculant to provide competent oral health services to the population at large. We also offer graduate programs in General Dentistry and in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Ph.D./D.D.S.

Our programs include an interdisciplinary curriculum of didactic and clinical experiences that provide a diverse knowledge base, clinical skills, and competencies necessary in the practice of modern general dentistry. Students gain clinical experiences in other settings such as hospitals, public health facilities, and other extramural environments as a part of the overall pre-doctoral program.

The curriculum is dynamic, constantly changing in response to contemporary trends in dental education and practice. The School of Dentistry will modify any portion of the curriculum and will make such changes as necessary with a commitment to maintaining an overall academic program that meets the highest standards.

Overall, the program is rigorous and challenging, but instills a solid base for scientific inquiry and for a lifelong pursuit of continuous education.

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