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Biochemistry and Cancer Biology

The Department of Biochemistry and Cancer Biology provides comprehensive training disciplines with education, research, and career development in the field of biochemistry and cancer biology to Ph.D. students, including African Americans and other under-represented ethnic minorities. Faculty, staff, students, and administration work together to decipher the complexity of cancers and eliminate the cancer burden and disparities; our department is one of the few biochemistry and cancer biology departments in the nation.

Students are challenged with fundamental questions on cancers that focus on specific organs such as breast, prostate, ovarian, leukemia, lung and colon through coursework, technology, and research experience. The research-training model applies state-of-art technology to cultured human cancer cells, animal models and imaging in vivo. Our students are supported with funding from the National Institutes of Health T32 and R25 training grants, National Cancer Institute's F31 fellowships, U.S. Department of Defense training grants, cancer partnership grants, and scholarships from other private agencies. 

Another notable strength in our department, with regard to Meharry's mission, is its vital cultural diversity. Our faculty and staff hail from all over the world, which enhances our efforts to decipher the complexity of cancers and eliminate the cancer burden and health disparities.

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