Policy Development

Meharry Medical College is dedicated to having comprehensive and up to date policies. All policies are managed within the Office of General Counsel. 

Any individual who identifies a need for a new policy or revision to an existing policy shall submit to a member of the management of their department the proposed policy, justification for the need and defined objectives. The responsible Division Manager shall submit a draft of the policy and a completed, signed Policy Proposal Summary to the Office of General Counsel for review and presentation to the Policy Review Board. If the Policy Review Board gives final approval to the proposed policy, it shall be presented to the President for his approval, the date of which will serve as the date of Approval for the policy. The Office of General Counsel will be responsible for official posting of the policy. 

Upon approval, the Office of General Counsel will issue an announcement to the College community of a new or substantially revised policy and submit the policy to the Office of Information Technology for posting on the College website. The date of the policy announcement shall be the Effective Date of the policy unless otherwise determined by the Policy Review Board or the President. The responsible office will coordinate any necessary training and ongoing communication required by the policy.

For a visual representation of this process, please click here for a chart of Meharry's Policy Development Process.

Additional Information:

Policy Summary Form
Policy Template

Any individual with questions concerning the policy development process should contact the Office of General Counsel for assistance.