office of Student Life

The primary purpose of Student Life is to foster the general well-being of students. We are involved in a wide range of student concerns, including health insurance, student governance, student activities and physical fitness. The efforts of our office are devoted to helping students adjust to the professional school environment.

 New Student Orientation
The New Student Orientation planned in collaboration with the Office of Admissions & Recruitment and the Office of the Registrar facilitates the transition of new students into the college and initiates the integration of new students into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the institution.

In addition to the orientation offered by Student Services, each school plans orientation activities for new students.

For more details for new students, visit the Office of Admissions & Recruitment Admitted Students page (the link is sent by email to only admitted students).

Student Organizations and Campus Activities
The staff in the Office of Student Life serves as advisors to the Pre-Alumni Association, the student government entity at Meharry Medical College, The Pulse student newsletter and The Meharrian yearbook. In addition, the staff manages student organization registration, advises student leaders as it relates to event planning and facilitates leadership training. Visit the Student Organization website for more information.

Greek Life
The staff in the Office of Student Life support the Greek Letter Organizations that are active on-campus. Visit the Greek Life page for more information.

Student Leadership & Development
The Office of Student Life will begin hosting an annual all-day leadership retreat for the officers of all student organizations and interest groups. More information will follow in the summer of 2014.

International Programs
Working in conjunction with all three schools, the General Counsel's Office and the Controller's Office, the Office of Student Life staff provides a central location for students to complete applications for international travel programs. The Office will post opportunities for Spring 2015 travel by the Fall of 2014.

Recreation is that change of pace that keeps the stress level manageable. Intramural sports are an important part of the social agenda at Meharry. Softball and basketball are the two official intramural sports at Meharry; however, other activities help keep student life interesting and fun. Click here for more information about campus recreation and programming.

Campus Tours
The Office of Student Life schedules and guides campus tours. Please visit the Campus Tours page to request a campus tour of Meharry Medical College.

Student Health Insurance
The Office of Student Life manages the student health insurance program. More detailed information is available on the Student Insurance page.

Criminal Background Checks - Continuing Student (Dental and Graduate School Students Only)

The Office of Student Life manages the authorization and transfer of information for the continuing dental and graduate school student criminal background checks that are run annually. More information on the scope and reason for the annual background check can be found on the Student Criminal Background Check Information.