The CWHR will carry out its mission of advancing the health of women, specifically women of color. The primary focus for the next five years will be Breast Cancer in women of color in the North and North East corridors of Metro Nashville. Secondarily, we will collect data preparing to identify unique considerations for the female New Immigrants population in Nashville. Breast Cancer research conducted at the CWHR will be structured to provide a holistic framework that maintains cultural sensitivity, thus creating a national model to share insights and methods on how to investigate the biological, social and behavioral aspects of women's health. CWHR will emerge as a regional and national leader for research pertinent to the health of women of color. In addition, CWHR will serve as a clearinghouse for participatory community partners and as a resource to complement the activities of other Meharry centers and programs pursuing the health improvement of underserved women populations.

CWHR will:

  • Create an environment conducive to multidisciplinary investigations on women's health by bridging basic, translational, and clinical and population research activities. While the principal focus for the next 5 years will be Breast Cancer, the interrelatedness of the following other diseases and environmental factors will be influencers:
    • Gynecological cancers (Ovarian, Cervical, Uterine, etc.)
    • Reproductive Health: Infertility, Maternal/Child Health, etc.
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Obesity
    • HIV & Infectious Diseases
    • Mental Health/ Substance Abuse
    • Health Care for Incarcerated Women
    • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    • Aging
    • Social and environmental justice in Women's Health
    • Quality health care access and equity
  • Enhance the competitiveness of researchers doing women's health research at Meharry by:
    • Initiating and synchronizing the formation of collaborative working groups in the above research areas
    • Facilitating the collaborative efforts between basic, clinical and population/social scientists, together with organized community participants & advocates
    • Identifying & pursuing funding opportunities related to women's health research
    • Providing home and framework for collaborative research grants
    • Assisting with grant development, submission and administration
  • Facilitate the process of clinical trials and testing and discovery by providing the appropriate infra-structure for clinical research at CWHR in collaboration with Meharry's Clinical and Translational Research Center, in addition to facilitating access to women research subjects through the center's community partners.