Community Networks Program Center

The Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (an office in the National Cancer Institute) has established 23 Community Networks Program Center (CNPC) National and Regional Centers for Reducing Cancer Health Disparities. These centers emphasize high quality intervention research involving controlled and rigorous studies aimed at reducing cancer health disparities.

The Meharry Medical College (CNPC) is a component of the Meharry Center for Optimal Health. Its purpose is to reduce cancer health disparities among African Americans by conducting community-based participatory research, education, and training in three urban communities in Tennessee (Nashville, Chattanooga, and Memphis). Overall program goals are to significantly improve access to and utilization of beneficial cancer interventions in these three CHCs communities and provide a cadre of well-trained researchers who will continue to reduce disparities in these communities.

CNPC is administered by Margaret Hargreaves, Ph.D., professor, Department of Internal Medicine. A nutritionist by training, her research interests have expanded into the study of health disparities for key chronic diseases, including cancer prevention and control. Research activities include the assessment of associated risk factors and the development and implementation of intervention trials based on models of health behavior change. A major area of interest is the application of community-based participatory research methodology to foster changes in health behaviors among low-income African Americans.