For Researchers

Whether new to Meharry or an established investigator, you may find these pages useful as you conduct your studies. Perhaps you have already examined these links within the Office of Research; they are organized here as well for your convenience.

Funding. Follow these links and also peruse content in the Grants Management Office.

Grant submission. You will find detailed how-to's on this page.

Codes and other info. These have been assembled in one location for your convenience.

Institutional Review Board. Follow this link to the IRB policies and info.

Core facilities. See what Meharry has to offer you in fluoroscopic imaging, DNA sequencing, and more.

Clinical trials. See what trials are in progress at Meharry.

Designing a trial. The Participant and Clincial Interaction Resource has vast experience designing and conducting clinical trials.

Forms. Additional forms are located on Meharry's internal website. Contact your department chair for log-in information.

Contact the Office of Research if you can't find the answer to your question. Staff in the office have a combined 100-plus years of experience in grant submission and management. They are eager to assist you.

Research Design, Biostatistics, and Research Ethics
(DBRE) Support-DBRE is available to provide support in research
design, biostatistics, and clinical research ethics for Meharry translational
research investigators.