Grants Management Office

The Grants Management Office reviews budgetary, administrative, and regulatory portions of grant applications for research and other activities before they are submitted to extramural sponsors.  The office also helps investigators identify funding sources; prepare budgets, certifications, and other administrative documents for grant applications and progress reports; prepares and negotiates consortium agreements and similar arrangements between Meharry and other organizations to establish collaborative projects; maintains the college’s central repository of grant applications; maintains a data base of grant applications and awards; and provides other preaward assistance and services to promote compliance with funding sponsors and College policies.

If you are considering applying for a grant, you will need to add to your schedule the necessary time (two weeks) for review by the Grants Management Office, which is the party that will actually submit the application on your behalf. The best time to contact the office, in fact, is at the beginning of the process, the day you decide to apply. Not only will you gain access to valuable information and personal attention, you’ll perhaps avoid some pitfalls in a complicated process. We look forward to celebrating with you notification of your award.